Friday, September 11, 2009

BBox Drum Generator

The BBox Drum Generator is an Arduino-based Midi sequencer mounted inside a Banana Box. The BBox contains a few preset drumbeats. These drumbeats form the basis for a drum variation algorithm (explained here). The amount of introduced variations is controlled by the blue rotary knob.

I've created four pushbuttons by mounting LEDs on top of PCB mounted mini pushbuttons. This idea is based on this article.

The two top buttons navigate through the functions of the BBox. The two lower buttons change the value of the function. Currently only the BPM and the Drum Preset can be changed.

The BBox only generates midi messages, the sound is generated by a Roland Juno-D.

The Video

The Picture

The Guts
Big mess o' wires O_o

Next time, I'll create a proper Arduino shield.


  1. Awesome. I am building something similar myself to play "condensed" midi files. It's the same Arduino, LCD, extra EEPROM(i2c), extra SRAM(i2c) some LED's, MIDI in(Song selection) and MIDI out, etc.
    It is very encouraging to see your success as I have a few long nights of programming to go (to say the least) and look forward lighting up my Roland SP-808. Great post and great banana case!

  2. Do you have a blog or site where the results will be posted? I really would like to see the results :)

    Especially the extra EEPROM and SRAM, mine are almost full :D