Thursday, July 2, 2009

Plexiglass Skybluepink Frame

I made this as another gift to a friend of mine, namely the drummer in my band (Skybluepink). It is a frame with the name of the band and two blinking leds behind it. It has an on/off switch and it runs on a 9V battery. Yes, it's not very high tech.

Score and Snap-method
One of the difficult parts in creating this, was transforming a broken piece of plexiglass I found somewhere, into the shapes I needed for this object. As it turns out, using an ironsaw is a very bad idea. The best results I got, was by scoring it with a cutterknife a couple of times and then snapping it along the groove made by the knife, hoping that it did not snap in the wrong places :)

The other difficult part was the painting of the plexiglass. My buddy JD created a drawing which I cut out from a transparency sheet. I placed this shape over the plexiglass and then I spray-painted it. The problem was that a bit of the paint went under the cut-out shape, causing a lot of work the manually remove the excess paint. The best way to prevent this, is to make sure that the shape will not bend and is completely taped to the surface you are spray-painting.

The video

Some pictures

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