Saturday, February 14, 2009

Schuif Fuzz

I made this effect for a friend of mine. We call him Schuif. Hence the name of the effect.

It is basicly a Fuzz Face. A good explanation of the technology of the Fuzz Face, can be found here.

I've added two LED's to this effect. They are used to indicate four modes of operation.
  • 00: The effect is off
  • 11: The effect is on, like a normal Fuzz Face
  • 10: The effect is on, and an additional low-pass filter is added to the effect.
  • 01: The effect is on, and an extra [germanium] diode from the signal ouput to the ground is added to the effect. It generates a very asymmetric signal, sounds horrible if you try to play a chord through it. I like it :)

    The LED's are manipulated by the two switches on the side.

    [Yes, I took the Bass Fuzz apart to create this effect]
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